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The Philosophy Behind The Woodyard Trader Report

The Woodyard Trader Report identifies stocks that are oversold (priced too low) and stocks that are overbought (priced too high).

Stocks tend to make our reports when companies have a real or perhaps a perceived problem. These problems can be a reaction to the economy in general, a particular industry, the company itself or any number of other events. Additionally, the market sometimes overreacts to these problems. That can enable our subscribers to profit even more from their stock trades. We will mainly discuss the stocks that have the potential to go up in price and in general the opposite applies to the stocks that have the potential to go down in price.

After a stock makes our report
One of three actions can occur. First, the stock price may reverse and go back up. Secondly, the stock may trade in a narrow price range. Or, the stock price may continue to go down.

Buy The Stock Now
If your research indicates that the stock has gone down in price to a level that makes the stock a good value then you should consider buying the stock now.

Buy The Stock Later
Our preferred method is to monitor the stocks that are of interest to us. Some of those stocks often continue to go down in price over time. By monitoring this slide in price, we may be able to buy the stock at a price that is closer to the low than if we were to buy the morning after the stock was listed in The Woodyard Reports.

Final Thoughts
Conventional wisdom says that you must be watching the market at all times and be ready to make a trade at a moments notice. We, however, think a more relaxed approach is equally effective. Our preferred method enables us to buy stock without continuously monitoring the market on an hour-by-hour or minute-by-minute basis.


The Right Stock at the Right Time at the Right Price!
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