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The Woodyard Position Report

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Using Dollar Profit: $0; Profit: 25%; Winning Trades: 57%; ADXR:2; StopLoss: 0%; Risk: 35%
For Next Trade Day

Symbol and Name Current Position New Position (If Current Stop Loss Reached) Profit Profile3
Type Stop Loss Action1 Action2 Stop Loss

AFFX Affymetrix Inc Short* Rises To 2.98 BC BL Drops To 2.58 $19/ 92%/ 61%/ 2/ 12.8%
ARW Arrow Electronics Inc Long Drops To 16.68 SL SS Rises To 18.05 $32/ 86%/ 61%/ 2/ 8.1%
CAH Cardinal Health Inc Long Drops To 31.74 SL SS Rises To 34.51 $29/ 45%/ 59%/ 2/ 8.7%
MCRS Micros Systems Inc Short Rises To 17.68 BC BL Drops To 14.97 $11/ 35%/ 57%/ 2/ 15.2%
MLNK Moduslnk Glb Slt Short Rises To 3.42 BC BL Drops To 2.67 $11/ 82%/ 57%/ 2/ 21.4%
SIGM Sigma Designs Inc Long Drops To 8.87 SL SS Rises To 10.29 $53/ 97%/ 59%/ 2/ 15.8%

1Current Action: SL = Sell Long; BC = Buy To Cover    

2New Position Action: SS = Sell Short; BL = Buy Long

* Indicates that the stock reached the STOP LOSS during today's trading.

3Profit Profile
First Number: Is the dollar profit rounded to the nearest dollar.
Second Number: Displays the approximate percentage profit per share (initial cost basis) and is based on the evaluation period, approximately 14 months, the same number of shares for each trade, and the transaction occurring at the stop loss value for both trades in the pair. These calculations do not include any transaction costs or other fees.
Third Number: Reflects the percentage of profitable trades to total trades.
Fourth number: ADXR is the relative position of the ADX to DMI. ADXR is 2 when it is higher than both +DMI and -DMI. ADXR is 0 if it is below both +DMI and -DMI. Otherwise ADXR is 1 indicating that the ADX is higher than one but not both of the DMI numbers.
Fifth Number: RISK is the percent risk from the current stop loss to the new position stop loss should the current stop loss be reached and you get stopped out on the new position at the stop loss. This setting is about limiting risk only.

The above listed stocks should only be considered
after you have completed your reseach.

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