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The Philosophy Behind The Woodyard Monitor Report

When we look at where the market is on a given day we would like to get an overall picture of the market, where it has been and where it could be going. We can look at charts and draw lines for support and resistence but different people can and do draw multiple trend lines and in different places.

  • which could make it difficult to determine which line is the correct line.
  • If one trend line is broken it still may not be time to buy/sell a stock.
  • It could be difficult to look at historical results from previous technical analysis and determine how successful your analysis is.
It would be better if there was some consistent way to analysis the market. As a result we have developed The Woodyard Monitor Report.
This report includes the following:
  • Where the market had it's last TOP/BOTTOM,
  • What has happened since the last TOP/BOTTOM,
  • The signal for when the market could be about ready to reverse directions,
  • A target value for the end of the current direction,
  • How accurate this report has been historically, both in percentage move and duration in days for that move,
  • A trend analysis showing support/resistance trends,
  • Includes a table with the last six TOPs and BOTTOMs in the market with the duration of days of each move,
This information provides a larger view of the market, where it has been and where it could be going. A sample of The Woodyard Monitor Report can be seen here.

And you can get the 6 month FREE trial subscription here.


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