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Recent Performance: From 06-27-03 to 06-25-04
S&P500 up 16.21%
 The Woodyard Investor Report up 20.81%

Level 1 Stocks: ( Buy Zone ) (Last QTR Reviewed) Criteria Codes.

HD Home Depot 31.17 - 38.67 Apr/29/2004(FS)
FISV Fiserv Inc. 31.74 - 41.10 Mar/30/2004

Level 1: Meets or exceeds all target values. Stocks in this level should be considered when they are within the noted Buy Zone.

Level 2 Stocks: ( Buy Zone ) (Last QTR Reviewed) Criteria Codes.

LNCR Lincare Holdings 30.18 - 40.79 Mar/30/2004 DEBT
HOTT Hot Topic, Inc. 10.67 - 17.28 Apr/29/2004 QS
BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond 27.52 - 36.14 May/30/2004 ROE
CAH Cardinal Health 50.35 - 71.30 Mar/30/2004 QS OSx

Level 2: Noted criteria codes indicate a value lower than the targeted value but within the margin of error. Stocks in this level should be considered when they are within the noted Buy Zone.

Level 3 Stocks: ( Buy Zone ) (Last QTR Reviewed) Criteria Codes.

LOW Lowes Cos. 41.16 - 53.95 Apr/29/2004(FS) DEBTx
ACS Affiliated Computer 38.81 - 52.92 Mar/30/2004 QSx ROE
KKD Krispy Kreme 17.75 - 23.91 Apr/29/2004(FS) QEx OSx
ESRX Express Scripts A 54.31 - 76.71 Mar/30/2004 DEBT QSx
PFE Pfizer, Inc. 30.90 - 41.34 Mar/30/2004 SS EP ROEx
SDS SunGard Data Sys. 18.67 - 24.76 Mar/30/2004 QEx PTPM ROEx
VRTS VERITAS Software 17.42 - 20.86 Mar/30/2004 ES PTPMx ROEx
FIC Fair, Isaac 22.92 - 32.57 Mar/30/2004(FS) DEBTx QSx ROEx
UHS Universal Health Sv. B 34.91 - 47.12 Mar/30/2004(FS) DEBTx QEx EP
HMA Health Mgmt. Assoc. 18.75 - 24.60 Mar/30/2004 DEBTx PTPM ROE
PHCC Priority Healthcare 19.06 - 27.26 Mar/30/2004(FS) QS QEx ES EP PTPMx
KG King Pharmac. 8.04 - 18.90 Mar/30/2004 QEx ES EP ROEx OSx
DLTR Dollar Tree Stores 21.55 - 33.03 Apr/29/2004 QEx ES EP PTPMx ROEx
NOK Nokia Corp. ADR 10.00 - 17.50 Mar/30/2004(FS) QSx QEx ES SP EP ROEx OSx
FHCC First Health Group 14.33 - 21.99 Mar/30/2004 DEBTx QSx QEx SS EP PTPM ROEx OSx

Level 3: Noted criteria codes followed by an 'x' indicate a value significantly lower than the targeted value. However, stocks in this level should be considered when they are within the noted Buy Zone.

Stocks To Watch: ( Buy Zone ) (Last QTR Reviewed) Criteria Codes.

ORLY OReilly Automotive 26.17 - 37.60 Mar/30/2004 CURR
LLL L-3 Communic. Hldgs. 44.20 - 59.92 Mar/30/2004 DEBTx CURR
YCC Yankee Candle 18.23 - 26.01 Mar/30/2004(FS) QSx ES CURR
CPWM Cost Plus Inc. 22.06 - 30.95 Apr/29/2004 ES PTPM CURR
ACDO Accredo Health 27.03 - 36.07 Mar/30/2004 DEBT QS ES CURR
ABC AmerisourceBergen 24.72 - 49.36 Mar/30/2004 DEBTx SS ROEx CURR OSx
GNTX Gentex Corp. 25.68 - 34.53 Mar/30/2004 QSx QEx ES PTPM ROE CURR

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