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Get Stock Option Trading Information Online

Some investors have long-term goals. Others are interested in shorter turn-arounds. Whatever type of investor you are, you can now subscribe to stock option trading information online here at

For long-term investors, we offer the Woodyard Investor Report. These weekly reports offer stock picks for the investor who is interested in seeing steady gains in wealth over time.

For investors with shorter-term investment goals, we offer three different online stock options:

  • Woodyard Trader Report
  • Woodyard Gap Report
  • Woodyard Option Report

Each of these reports, based on thorough stock investment research and analysis, comes out daily. Each provides the latest, most up-to-the-minute stock option trading information available.

Stock Investment Research Is Key

People want easy answers. For example, they want to be able to just take a pill to lose weight. But, of course, if there were such a magic pill, everyone would be thin. The only way to really get in shape is to do the work of dieting and exercising. Similarly, people want there to be some "trick" for picking the best stock picks and profiting in the stock market. But, there is no trick. To achieve a healthy portfolio, you must do your financial homework. However, at, we can make doing that homework easier. We do the tough stock investment research for you by combing the market for promising investments. Then, you can use this "short list" of recommendations as a jumping off point for your own market research.

Among the Best Stock Research Sites

"Best" is a word that is increasingly over-used. How many signs do you see in storefronts that advertise the "best" burger, the "best" dry cleaning or the "best" coffee in town? So, it is not surprising that many Internet sites claim to be among the best stock research sites. However, at, we do not just claim to to among the "best": we back it up with facts. Just follow the link and look at our online report cards which track the performance of every stock that has ever been listed on our reports. As you will see, our picks have not just made profits: they have increased in value at a rate significantly greater than increases in the markets in general. So, if you really want to get investment advice from one of the best stock research sites, then you want advice from





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