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Savvy investors know there is money to be made on the stock market in good times and in bad. In fact, there are bargains to be had in the market everyday. The question is with thousands of stocks to choose from, which are the best ones to grow your wealth? You could invest an enormous amount of time to wade through mountains of financial data and technical analysis covering hundreds of companies. Or you could take a shortcut.

That shortcut is known as
The Woodyard Reports
We are committed to two things- helping you make MONEY and
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When we look at where the market is on a given day we want to get an overall picture of the market, where it has been and where it could be going. To this end we have developed The Woodyard Monitor Report.
This report includes the following:

  • Where the market had it's last TOP/BOTTOM,
  • What has happened since the last TOP/BOTTOM,
  • The signal for when the market could be about ready to reverse directions,
  • A target value for the end of the current direction,
  • How accurate this report has been historically, both in percentage move and duration in days for that move,
  • A trend analysis showing support/resistance trends,
  • Shows a table with the last six TOPs and BOTTOMs in the market with the duration of days of each move,
This information provides a larger view of the market, where it has been and where it could be going. More Information about The Woodyard Monitor Report can be seen here And a sample report can be seen here.

And you can get the 6 month FREE trial subscription here.

Best Stock Picks for Your Goals

Welcome to, your online connection for weekly and daily stock market reports. Among the best stock research sites out there, offers different investor stock picks for different types of investors. Our Woodyard Investor Report provides the best stock picks for the long-term investor, while the Woodyard Trader Report, Woodyard Gap Report and Woodyard Option Report list stock and option picks for the short-term investor. To find out which report best suits your investor profile - and to get a free trial of our online stock option newsletter - we invite you to read through the following Web pages.


There is only one way to evaluate a company for a long-term investment. That method is fundamental analysis. And that is precisely what is done in The Woodyard Investor Report. Based upon our philosophy of long term investing, we gather and tabulate data and compare it to our evaluation model. Easy to understand weekly reports cut hours out of your research time. And, the long-term performance of the report is impressive. We have a FAQ page located here, as well as, a full report card here. If you are looking to grow your wealth over time, The Woodyard Investor Report is a must-have.


The Woodyard Trader Report, The Woodyard Gap Report and The Woodyard Position Report are geared to those interested in short-term investments. Our philosophy and approach for short-term trades is different than it is for longer term investments.

The Woodyard Trader Report is a daily listing geared to traders looking to see returns in a shorter period of time. The long-term track record of this report speaks for itself. We have a FAQ page that may answer some of your questions and also a complete report card.

Subscribers to The Woodyard Trader Report can even choose to take it out for a test drive with our trial subscription offer.

The Woodyard Gap Report is a second daily report designed to detect short-term trade opportunities and it's also a proven performer. Be sure to read through the FAQ page for additional answers. Also, review the report card for an overview of the performance of this report. Because we know that seeing is believing, The Woodyard Gap Report is available for subscription on a regular or trial basis.

The Woodyard Position Report is a daily listing that identifies short term pricing trends and provides precise prices for buying and selling stocks. Our report card shows how the report has done month to month and long term performance provides additional information. We have a FAQ that may provide answers to any questions that have not been answered from other documentation. If you are looking to enhance your wealth over time, The Woodyard Position Report is a must-have.


Many investors and traders overlook, or worse yet, avoid options. The Woodyard Option Report takes the mystery out of buying and selling options. Conventional wisdom says that options are risky but our view of options is very different. We invite you to take a closer look at this easy to understand daily report. Review our long-term performance and you'll get a better picture of how you can be making money with options right now. The FAQ page has additional answers to your questions. Also the report card gives additional insight to the performance of this report. As with all our reports, The Woodyard Option Report is available for subscription on a trial or full-time basis. This is truly the report no one should be without.


Once you have selected one or more stocks from our reports, finalize your evaluation at one of your favorite free financial websites such as Yahoo Finance.

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